Top 4 Electric BMX (Inspired) Bikes for 2021! [Updated List]

We’ve updated our list just in time for the New Year! There are some major players entering the electric BMX space and we’re excited for what will be the first year of proper electric BMX bikes.

Here is the list of our top 4 electric BMX bikes for 2021!

1. CLIFTN Prototype 1

Of course we think our Prototype 1 is the best, proper electric BMX bike for 2021! This is our first prototype which was used as a proof-of-concept. We are currently designing our own mid-drive system that is already much lighter than anything else on the market, and the battery and controller are completely custom as well. The initial specs are listed in the table at the bottom of the page as ‘Prototype 2’. We’ll start taking pre-orders in early 2021, so stay tuned on our website for more details.

CLIFTN Electric BMX Bike

2. Zooz UU 250

The guys over at Zooz really hit it out of the park with their UU series of electric BMX-style bikes. UU stands for Urban Ultralight, although the bike weighs in at a hefty 44.1 lbs. The classic style is undeniable though, and the video content on their site is pretty great, showing some riders launch gaps, rip burnouts, and even nose-wheelie with the front disc brakes. They hide the battery under the motocross style seat and utilize a rear hub-motor, not sure if it is geared or not. Either way these guys are killing it, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


3. Urban Drivestyle UDX

Urban Drivestyle is an interesting BMX-style fat-tire bike coming out of Germany. Their system has front suspension which is interesting, although it wouldn’t be my personal preference. They have a great video on their YouTube channel that shows some riders sessioning their bikes at skateparks and other fun-looking locations. They offer a number of different configurations and options on their site, check them out, there is definitely some cool stuff coming from this team.


4. Enki Billy

The Billy was the winner of our 2020 list, so you can see how much things have changed in 1 year! We still consider the Billy as the first real modern electric BMX bike, but things are moving pretty quickly in this field and competitors are cropping up left and right. It looks like they are currently sold out of this model, as many other companies are, so it seems like sales of this special bike are doing well.



Here is a summary of some of the key specs for each of the bikes listed above.

Table of electric BMX bikes

If you are thinking of upgrading to electric, you should absolutely consider one of these bikes. We’ve seen a ton of progress in this space over the past year, so it will be exciting to see what happens next, as the industry grows.

Are you considering getting a new, electrically assisted ride to commute to work or school? Let us know what you think by hitting Contact and sending us a message!

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