Introducing the New Site!

Welcome to our new site, this will be the new location of our official blog which has migrated from The main site will provide product details and technical specifications as soon as they become available. We are currently working feverishly on completing product engineering, and our initial prototype mid-drive is looking quite promising (it’s less than half the weight of the Shimano system.)

What’s with the name?

We’ve had a few questions about our name ‘CLIFTN’ and where it comes from. Well, my Grandpa was named Clifton, and my Dad’s real name is Clifton (though he goes by his middle name Craig). I’ve always felt very lucky to have such great family support in life, so I figured, what better way to pay homage? We shortened it to ‘CLIFTN’ to ‘tech’ it up a bit, and as a bonus the domain was available. Here is a picture of Grandpa ‘Clif’, this was taken in 1995 in Cedar Keys, FL.

Clifton Klinefelter

Why electric bikes?

I started racing BMX at age 12 and I’ve really been riding non-stop ever since. For a few years I raced with a ‘factory’ team that was sponsored by Standard. Growing up near Davenport, IA, Rick Moliterno was a bit of a legend, there is no doubt I will ride Standard frames for life! Here’s a team photo that surfaced on Facebook a few years back, I’m the one in the back left (with the nasty ‘sun-in’ highlights, haha).

BMX Racing Team

So, why electric bikes? This is a pretty easy answer, they are crazy fun to ride! I am a bit of purist though, I really don’t believe electric BMX bikes belong at the skatepark or the track, there is just no need. There is nothing more fun than airing out on a quarter, or hitting the track with a regular BMX bike. When I was working in Chicago though, I had a 3-4 mile commute to work. I didn’t want to do this ride on my BMX because it was a bit far and I would end up getting sweaty, my solution at the time was to get a ‘fixie-style’ road bike. This is where electric BMX bikes come in. It’s a way to turn your BMX bike into a method for commuting longer distances.

Sure, riding a road bike is a good option, but some of us want that feel you get only with BMX geometry. I tried out a bunch of different electric bikes and they are all extremely bulky and heavy. As someone used to riding a super-light race bike, this really wasn’t a good option. I just recently turned 36 this year and figured maybe it was time to finally put some of my degrees to good use. I remember someone saying once that you should take your passion and turn it into a business, so that is what I’m doing! I can’t wait to show you all the products we are coming up with, I promise you, they will be epic.

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